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Celebrate 31 Is Here





31% Off All Scoops

Celebrate 31 with the experts this month. Stop into your local shop on December 31st to redeem 31% off all scoops. All day, every 31st.

Offer valid on 12/31/23. Waffle cones, toppings, and sundaes are excluded from discount. ©2023 BR IP Holder LLC. Price and participation may vary. Offer not valid on delivery.

It all ties back to 31…

Baskin-Robbins was founded on one simple idea. Ice cream should be an every day treat and everyday should have a new flavor to enjoy. That’s why our founders, Burt and Irv, launched 31 flavors – so you could have a new one every day of the month.

Over 75 years later, our celebration of variety and those original 31 flavors remain close to our hearts. So close, in fact, that we think the number 31 itself is worth celebrating.

Enter Celebrate 31. On the 31st of the month, we’re offering 31% of all scoops. Because getting to choose from 31 flavors (plus about 1,400 since then)? That’s worth celebrating. All day, every 31st.