Deep Freeze

Check back in on some of your favorite retired flavors.


Apple Pie a la Mode

Created in 2006. It was a taste of home no matter where you were. Vanilla ice cream mixed with real apples, crunchy pie crust and a caramel cinnamon crème ribbon.



Campfire S'mores

Created in 2002. There were stories told ‘round scoops of Campfire S’mores Ice Cream all summer long. Crunchy graham cracker pieces and chocolate flakes swirled in toasted marshmallow mousse and Chocolate ice cream.




Created in 1960. In the 1960 election US voters turned out in record numbers to elect John F. Kennedy. At Baskin-Robbins, Candi-Date was the people's flavor of choice with Vanilla ice cream loaded with diced dates and butter brickle candy.



Saxy Candidate

Created in 1996. Running for re-election, the musically inclined Bill Clinton secured another democratic term in the White House. But, both parties were appeased with a "fair and just" amount of creamy Vanilla ice cream with "liberal" portions of Baby Ruth® candy bar pieces throughout.



Miami Ice

Created in 1986. Miami Ice hit stores along with TV hit Miami Vice. Lime ice made with a puree of lime and lime juices swirled with pink grapefruit ice made with fresh pink grapefruit juice.



0031 Secret Bonded

Created in 1965. Inspiration and name for this flavor came from the famed spy movie character, James Bond. The flavor was so top secret, we can’t even tell you about it.



Beatle Nut

Created in 1964. Beatle Nut hit the stores when Beatle Mania struck the United States. Beatle fans delighted in Pistachio ice cream with a chocolate ribbon and walnuts.



Whyte 2k Chocolate Overload

Created in 2000. We blasted into the new millennium with an indulgent swirl of White Chocolate mousse and Chocolate ice creams overloaded with white and dark chocolate chips and chunks.