What’s Involved

Baskin-Robbins is actively seeking single and multi-unit developers willing to own and operate networks ranging from single store to multi-store networks. Ideal candidates will possess the following:

·        Strong financial backgrounds

·        Desire to maximize their territory's sales

·        Serve as the face of the brand in the community

·        Set the direction of the market's growth

The Ideal Baskin-Robbins Candidate

In addition to these criteria, prospective franchisees will also possess:

·        Adequate resources to purchase a development opportunity for Baskin-Robbins store

·        The minimum financial requirement for a single unit development commitment includes liquid assets of          $125K and a net worth of $250K

·        The minimum financial requirements to purchase an existing Baskin-Robbins store are reviewed on a case by           case basis

·        Passion and commitment to community involvement

·        An understanding and a drive for local store marketing

·        A demonstrated ability to build a high performing team dedicated to operational excellence and customer satisfaction

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